Foreclosure is a scary process. Navigating the waters and understanding the process is daunting. There are significant benefits to individuals and the community in the preservation and growth of home ownership. Included in the laws designed to protect consumers, Colorado has adopted the Foreclosure Protection Act (the “Act”) to help ease the burden on consumers […]

Individuals are well intentioned in wanting to save money, but under certain conditions these objectives actually have the effect of costing more in the long run. This is the classic printer paradox, as described below. Jeff needs a new printer and wants to get the best value for his dollar. He goes to the local […]

In the last few decades, remarkable expansion in the use of consumer credit has allowed individuals from every income bracket the opportunity to purchase goods and services that one would otherwise not have access to. Not only do individuals and families use credit cards for emergency purposes, but often these plastic cards are swiped to […]