Payday loans can be useful for those who have an immediate need for cash to meet short-term obligations.  Be sure to exhaust these alternatives prior to seeking a payday loan: —Borrow from a credit union or other small loan lender. Be sure you understand all the fees and terms before you sign. Put off the expense […]

What is a payday loan? Short-term loan designed to meet immediate needs Generally three features Small amounts —Typically due your next payday You must give lenders access to your checking account or write a check for the full balance in advance that the lender can deposit when the loan comes due. How much does a […]

Payday loans can be difficult to understand, and the costs associated with them can be incredibly burdensome.  Prior to obtaining a payday loan, you should try to understand as much as possible about what you are actually going to be on the hook for.  Here is an example of what potential costs could look like […]