Time to change your passwords! Heartbleed, a security bug, allows people to steal information normally protected by the SSL/TLS encryption used to keep information on the Internet private. Normally, “https://” at the beginning of a web address indicates that the information that you are entering into that web page will be secure because of this […]

The Internet: a place to shop, a social network, and vast resource of information. Yet also a place filed with malware and people potentially trying to take advantage of you or steal your information. Like a crowded metropolis, the Internet has many benefits as well as potential harms. Internet users need to be like savvy […]

As you may remember from last year’s post on online shopping, the Internet is a fantastic resource but one that must be used carefully. This is particularly true when one is using email and social media sites such as Facebook. Although Facebook and email have transformed the way that we communicate with each other, they […]