Facing confusing charges or a large medical bill can seem overwhelming at times. There may be many worries, ranging from having to pay absurd charges, to damaging your credit score, to being forced into bankruptcy, to having your home and assets seized. But it’s best not to automatically assume the worst, as there are plenty of […]

There are a lot of factors that should be taken into consideration before declaring bankruptcy. Here’s a brief roundup of the pros and cons: Cons: Bankruptcy should be a last resort. Try other methods first. It can take 6-10 years to rebuild your credit history You might not qualify for credit, or if you do […]

Can you file bankruptcy on your own as an individual?  Yes, but you shouldn’t. It may seem like a good idea to pay the filing fee and try to save money on attorney’s fees, but in the long run hiring a competent bankruptcy attorney is worth the money. Why do you need an attorney? Bankruptcy […]