When is a Landlord Allowed to Enter Your Home?   What Does the Law Say? Unfortunately in Colorado there is not many protections for a tenant’s privacy in relation to their landlord. Boulder County and City, along with the State of Colorado, have no statutory language for tenant privacy. However there is an implied covenant […]

Craigslist scams take all shapes and sizes. For tips on how to recognize these scams and stay safe, you can see a prior post I wrote here. Since that post, a new breed of these scams has come to my attention. This scam is targeted at “destination communities” such as ski resorts and beach towns, […]

With the Federal Government yet to require food manufacturers to identify whether a product contains genetically modified organisms (“GMOs”) on their labels, several states have proposed legislation that would impose such labeling requirements. While GMO labeling bills have failed in Washington and California, similar legislation has passed in both Vermont and Connecticut. This November, voters in […]