A while back my friends and I were talking about our debt problems. In today’s world, it seems like everybody has them. But each of us had different kinds of debt problems. One friend had credit card debt, another had an expensive mortgage, another had a car loan, and I had student loans. It is […]

Many consumers may find themselves in uncomfortable positions when they borrow or owe money and are unable to pay on time. In some situations, creditors will pursue collection on their own and come after the consumer directly to recover the money owed. In other situations, however, a creditor may get a debt collector or collection […]

There are a lot of factors that should be taken into consideration before declaring bankruptcy. Here’s a brief roundup of the pros and cons: Cons: Bankruptcy should be a last resort. Try other methods first. It can take 6-10 years to rebuild your credit history You might not qualify for credit, or if you do […]